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The State of Social Care

October 30, 2018


Looking at the ‘state’ of it.

I always think the title sounds like an old dress being brought out to check for moth holes and marks. A yearly assessment on what has changed in the State of Social Care.

I’m not sure any of us think we are going to take it out of the closet and it has improved massively. Age seems not to be doing this gown favours, but some skilful patching up without a cash injection is really impressive.

Pinching percentage

I look at the ‘Overall ratings by Sector’ here we see a nudge down in inadequate by 2% a nudge up by 1% in good – the pinching here and there looks more impressive in a bar chart with colour, not so impressive in %!

Joined up care

The focus this year is joining up. The press release warns ‘CQC warns of growing ‘care injustice’, with access to good care increasingly dependent on how well local systems work together’.

There are certainly big players in this picture, commissioning from local authorities, health services, large providers and influence from the voluntary sector. Making it work together has always been tricky – planning ahead for some will take years to see improvement.

So what can you do?

So what can you do? You don’t need to sit back and watch anther print run of the same old thing. The more engaged you become with the local community, the more you can raise the profile, and perhaps change the course of action more widely in your area.

Check your demographic: Look back on who has used your service and the people present in your local area.

Be visible: Through bright signs, articles in the local free paper, network at events

Engage your local community: Whether you are planning a new garden area, or needing some help decorating the hall for Christmas –engage your community on it.

Tell local professionals about your plans: A new policy or procedure that may affect local professionals, engage them in advance, make them feel included. QCS provide implementation tips for this in their policies.

Keep communication open and warm: Whatever has passed with commissioners, other agencies or local providers, changing the energy can get things done, help your network and see change in your area

Be a hub for ingenuity: Think outside the norm. Have an ideas session and work out if some of it is doable. Look at innovations from others and let it light your imagination.

We all know the biggest changes will come when there is money to pay for things. That dress can’t change dramatically until its swapped for a new one with the craftsmanship to see out more than a few seasons…but you can definitely gather up some sides – sew them together with some new relationships, unity and ingenuity.

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Abi Spence

Registration and Inspection Specialist


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