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20th May 2016

Tips for getting through a CQC Registered Manager Fit Person Interview

I hope your week was good.  Mine has been packed. I have been away on Brownie Camp. I am not sure who is more tired, them or me!

Huddled around the smoky camp fire, we sang. I felt nervous to start the singing – even though I have sung in the Royal Albert Hall!

This reminded me of fit person interviews (not the singing part). I remembered the nerve racking process some find it, and will offer tips from the other side of the table.

Know your stuff

Number one on the list is you need to have the experience, skill, competence and knowledge to manage the regulated activity you are applying for.

CQC have guidance to help signpost to what you need here and here.

Prepare for the interview

CQC will confirm your interview date, along with information to bring along.  This will include

  1. Any reasonable adjustments for interview.
  2. ID to bring on the day (passport/driving licence). Make sure it is in date!
  3. Qualifications and certification – No need to bring swimming badges or cycling proficiency!

Make sure you bring the required information If you don’t, it may take longer.

  1. The interview will walk through your service and responsibilities as a registered manager. You will be given some scenarios to answer or asked for real life situations to show how you would handle a range of issues from Safeguarding, monitoring to Notifications. If you don’t have direct experience of a particular issue say what you would do.

Know what you can ask

  • Dates are not fixed. If you are offered a date you cannot make – ask for another or suggest one that you can.
  • If you are travelling a distance – consider asking for a change of time to suit your travel needs.
  • Remember that although you are being interviewed, your interviewer must be professional and allow you the opportunity to answer their questions, and ask any you want to. If you do not feel you are being treated fairly, you can make a complaint.

If nerves take over...

  1. If you need another drink of water or a break, ask for one.
  2. If you didn’t hear a question, or wish to write it down (I do!) ask to hear it again or jot it down.
  3. If you need 5 mins for the loo – that is OK!
  4. If you don’t understand how something is worded ask if they can explain further.

I went for an interview once where I completely lost my words. I ended up miming like I was on ‘whose line is it anyway’. I clearly remember the panel staring at me. I got the job. They understood that interviews were not ever day situations, and we can all get a bit nervous. The fact was I knew my stuff (even if it was almost danced out at times!).

In parting - Remember you are already a manager – Just share how you do it!

*All information is correct at the time of publishing. Use of this material is subject to your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Abi Spence

Registration and Inspection Specialist

Abi has worked for and with Government agencies relevant to social care for the past 12+ years. Primarily with the Department of Health, Social Services Inspectorate, Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) and since its inception the Care Quality Commission (CQC). As part of this long involvement Abi has developed a wide and detailed understanding of relevant issues and has worked closely with stakeholders such as people that use services, carers, providers, local government, the Department of Health, Ofsted and the Audit Commission. Read more

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