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QCS App – Guided Tour

At QCS we provide the care sector’s leading compliance toolkits, helping providers to meet care standards with minimal fuss. The QCS Management System contains a wide range of policies, procedures and guidance, all personalised to your organisation.

Keeping up to date with our instant software updates and constant flow of information has never been easier thanks to the QCS App, which has now been updated for 2021.

QCS App features:

  • Access to the full policy centre, with over 200 policies for your social care or primary care service
  • Access to the our highly regarded Resource Centre – which contains a wide range of carefully curated multi-media support content
  • Share key policies with other team members and stakeholders directly through the QCS App
  • Stay up to date with notifications of policy updates direct to your device
  • Stay informed of the latest sector and QCS news with our monthly update videos

So no matter whether you are a business start-up, or an established provider, we can help ensure that you adhere to the CQC’s planning and Fundamental Care Standards and help drive quality in your organisation.

For a guided tour of the QCS App, watch our simple tutorial:

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