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Quick Start Guide: Stakeholder Surveys

QCS are pleased to announce the launch of our new Stakeholder Surveys to enable you to prepare for inspection under the CQCs ‘Fresh Start’.

Stakeholder Surveys

Stakeholder surveys will be used to expand internal quality assurance processes by gathering data on stakeholder opinions. Your stakeholder group will depend on your service type. GP and Dental Practices will want to survey patients and their families, as well as staff and other health professionals. A care service will survey professional advisors, service users, staff and visitors to the service.

The Registered Provider will formally survey stakeholders on a regular cycle. The surveys will be formatted as a series of statements, not questions. This process will help to meet most CQC KLOEs, in particular E1, C2, W1, W2 and W3.

To access the surveys in your QCS system navigate to Compliance Tools on the left hand side of the screen. Click on this and then on Stakeholder Surveys.




Leading the Stakeholder Surveys compliance tool section is the Stakeholder Surveys Policy and Procedure.  This policy gives details on how and when to survey stakeholders, and a tool to help you  calculate and analyse the results.

Each survey is composed of an introduction, explaining why it is taking place and asking for cooperation, a definition of the Key Question being surveyed, survey questions, a comments section for the participant, and a box for calculating their individual scores.




Click onto the relevant Key Question. This will bring up a screen which shows each of the surveys that relates to that question – The below sample is from our care system, the surveys available will vary slightly for GP and Dental practices.




To download the relevant survey, click on either the PDF icon (red/pink) or the Word icon (blue with a W in the left hand corner). It is advised that you download the survey in Word format so that you can make any necessary customisation. Save it to your desktop so that you can print out multiple copies from there so that you do not use up your monthly Word document download allowance.

It is recommended that the surveys are sent to stakeholders every two months. At each issue one of the five keys questions (Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive or Well-led) will be sent to each set of stakeholders. The section sent to each will be the same.

For each survey (every two months), extract the introduction section, the Key Question section for that month, and the anonymity section. Paste them into a letterhead, and add any personal information you wish to include. Do each of this for each of the four stakeholder groups.

As CQC releases more details we will continue to develop new features and tools to assist with your compliance.

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our Customer Care Team on 0333 405 33 33 option 2.




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