Walk the Talk: Remembering your well-being in your CQC registered service

October 9, 2018


I stood in the aisle of the Supermarket pondering how to add a toaster to my overflowing basket. I had two 6 pints of milk hanging from my index finger, the plastic of a bread bag in my teeth and a basket so heavy it had cut off the circulation in my arm.

I’m just fine

‘Can I help you’?  said a member of staff. ‘I’m fine’, I said, as I dropped the bread from my mouth. Everything is just fine.

Mountains of work

I have found myself in similar situations at work in the past, a giant project with tight deadlines, too many pieces of work or so specialised you could just do with your own personal lawyer as sidekick. The balance of home and work teetering like marbles on the edge. Completed at all costs.

Well-being at work and home

Here is the thing. You are needed to do your job, you are needed by your friends and family, and you are needed by you! Getting the best out of you and to set a good example means dedication to be well, mind and body.

How do I get off of the roundabout?

You don’t always. The first thing that pops into our heads when it is too much is to leave. There are simple things we can do to release the pressure and find better balance to achieve what we need to.

My personal top tips: (yes I use these myself)
  • Take a step outside – literally find a patch of green, take your shoes off and look at nature for 15 minutes.  Our brains get so disconnected sometimes from the world outside of 4 walls and a computer screen we need to reset our mind
  • Talk to a friend – Say out loud the things that are bothering you.. chances are you haven’t had the time to. Make sure it is someone you trust away from the situation
  • Engage a Mentor – You may be finding it difficult to manage new situations or figure direction. Engage with someone senior and ask them to mentor you
  • Meet with other Managers – Chances are everyone feels the same!  Find solidarity and solutions with others that have similar experience
  • Be honest – Be honest with leadership and the Provider.  Saying ‘I am fine’ is giving people permission to put more on you.  You can only bend so far!
  • Say no – This I think is the hardest to achieve.  People will float ideas by you and ask things of you that you know won’t work.  Saying ‘no’ upfront will ensure later on there isn’t a disaster.  If you find this difficult, engage some training such as assertiveness training to help manage these situations.
Spillage at Till 3

I’ve staggered to the till…and my basket topples… a buzzer sounds.  ‘Spillage at till 3’ It takes them a while to mop up the double cream..should have just got a trolley!

Be kind to yourself today.

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Abi Spence

Registration and Inspection Specialist


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