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When you can’t get a yes to CQC Registration what do you need to do?

February 12, 2019

Luck of the draw

I have bought a lot of raffle tickets in my time. I try and hold the belief one day that hamper will be mine.  If it’s a pink ticket…a blue wins with an identical number. If my friend buys one…that wins.

CQC approval?

You may have that feeling when you are trying to register with CQC, that your application just is never going to be approved. It’s not even a ‘chance’ situation! You’ve put the work in and it’s just a big NO.

Believe you me, I have sat opposite candidates who I can see have been refused many times before…and refused them again. So do you need to look for another venture or calling in life? Or are there some smart tips I can pass on that might just reflect what you’ve been trying to articulate all along?

Check the guidance

First rule of engagement with CQC- read the guidance. Make the phone call to NCSC with basic questions. It says a lot to an inspector if the simple things aren’t checked.

Check your model

Sounds strange…but are you a service that provides a regulated activity?…Are you actually a provider? Check through the scope of registration and any letters of decision from CQC to see if this is the case..as if you don’t provide a regulated activity, they can’t register you!

Call it what it is if you feel CQC hold a bias

Yes. We’ve all been there, someone is obviously holding a grudge! You have the right to appeal a decision that CQC makes. But make sure you have recorded the evidence. This will not be held against you. You can also speak to the national customer service centre if you feel you are not being treated fairly by an inspector to make a complaint.

Influence the system

Is the system fair? It may be you have noticed a problem that goes beyond you…a missed interpretation or not enough guidance which will be a game changer. Look big…sometimes an individual challenge isn’t where it is at, but exposing a system inaccuracy can change everything. You may want to seek legal advice on whether your thoughts are sound.

Don’t be proud to change

Sometimes we block our own dreams by refusing to compromise. I do know a situation or two where refusal to make reasonable change results in financial trouble. Sit down with others to assess the options of making the changes needed or standing by your guns.

Get the right kind of professional help.

Sometimes we can throw money at problems without it being targeted. QCS have a range of policies and procedures produced by subject matter experts, that with your own service tweaks support CQC registration and ongoing compliance.

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Abi Spence

Registration and Inspection Specialist


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