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02nd September 2016

Creativity as We Age

Tony Clarke Scottish Care Inspectorate Specialist

The benefits of art and practical creativity are well known: a sense of achievement and enabling self-expression, social interaction and...

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08th July 2016

Dementia Language – If you don’t have anything nice to say…

Mindy-QCS Business Support Manager

It is a bit disingenuous for me to use this title because my post isn’t about gossip, but it is about...

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18th May 2016

Diabetes and Dementia – Looking at issues of comorbidities

Anna Pavan

Dementia is often viewed as an isolated condition with little understanding of how other complex health needs might impact on...

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05th February 2016

If music be the food of love…


Poor nutrition is commonly experienced by people with dementia. So it was with interest this week to see a new...

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02nd February 2016

Nature and stress


A six month research study carried out by a researcher from Exeter University has shown that watching nature films can...

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06th November 2015

Dementia Friends

Anna Pavan

Dementia Due to the growing life expectancies we face in our modern age, this does come with unfortunate consequences for the...

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25th September 2015

Eating Away at Cognitive Decline

Anna Pavan

September is World Alzheimer's Month. So what better time to look at research investigating how nutrition may have an impact...

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23rd September 2015

Dementia Care: The Social Services and Well-being Act 2014

Anna Pavan

The Challenges of Dementia In my last blog, I considered the cost to society of caring for our older citizens...

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01st October 2014

A basic ‘primer’ on biological aspects of a dementia – pt. three

Amanda Calberry

A few weeks ago we began to look at some of the biological causes of dementia. In particular we singled...

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04th August 2014

Dementia Care: A Basic ‘Primer’ on Biological Aspects of a Dementia – pt. two

Sarah Riley Senior Customer Care Executive

Last week we began to look at some of the biological causes of dementia, in particular we singled out the...

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