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Sheila will try to answer as many of your questions as possible, giving priority to frequently asked questions and questions regarding current events and trends.

Sheila Scott OBE from National Care Association (NCA). Care is Sheila’s life; she possesses a strong command of the issues facing the care sector informed by her long career as a nursing professional, the owner and manager of a care business and as a leader in the care sector.

Sheila will try to answer as many of your questions as possible, giving priority to frequently asked questions and questions regarding current events and trends.

Please note that Sheila can not offer answers to matters requiring legal advice. If your matter concerns a specific service provider, please contact the CQC.

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Latest Questions

Can I start a care provision without an office location?

Hi Sheila,

Hope you are well. I have been asked by a very good friend of mine to look at opening up a care provision for the elderly in the area of re-enablement. As I understand it we would need a nominated person, a registered manager and a registered location. The first two are ok but in regards to the office/location would this need to be registered before we start trading or can it be done during the first few months of trading?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


 Dear S, Thank you for your question. Any provision that is registered by CQC id required to have an address that formal communications can be sent to etc. If your provision is to...

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What is the difference between nursing and residential care?

What is the CQC view on nursing v residential care. My understanding is that to be residential care a person needs to be able to bear their own weight and to not have any permanent invasive treatments such as drips etc. I realise that this is a somewhat simplistic view but would welcome your guidance?

 Dear P, Thank you for your question. When I first began working in adult social care we would say that residential care is the care that would be given by a loving...

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Care Certificate, training and funding?

We are a new organisation in domiciliary care agency. I would like to clarify a few things.

  1. If carers apply for a job and they already have NVQ2 OR 3 do they still need to do the Care Certificate Standards recommended by CQC?
  2. If they are to do the Care Certificate Standards, then are they to complete this in 12 weeks or 12 months?
  3. Can you direct me to where I can register my carers to sit for NVQ2 or 3 funded by the government?
  4. I would like to enrol my trainee manager/team leaders to sit for Diploma in Health and Social Care level 5. Can you please tell me where I can get free funding?

Thank you Sheila for your support.

 Dear S, Thank you for your question. There is a great deal of useful information about training in Adult Social Care on the Skills for Care website Experienced carers with an NVQ2 or...

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Who can be a registered manager?

Hi Sheila,

I would just like to know, what are the minimum requirements to become a registered manager?

 Dear S, Thank you for your question. There at two key areas that will need to be met when you apply to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to be a Registered Manager...

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My PIR is done, now what?

I am a registered manager of a domiciliary private social care company. I manage caregivers who attend to vulnerable adults to support them with daily activities. I have recently completed a PIR information request for CQC and awaiting an inspection. How do I get ready and what should I prepare to be checked?

 Dear R, Thank you for your question. If and when your inspection happens everyone and everything needs to be prepared for it. This will make the inspection easier for you and for...

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Am I legally required to obtain QCF level 5?

I am the registered manager of a care home with a fantastic team. Am I legally required to do NVQ/QCF 5? I have level 3 and have worked my way up over 17 years.

Dear J, Thank you for your question. As with all things in Adult Social Care the answer to your question is neither yes or no but maybe! If you are the Registered Manager...

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I’ve been asked to complete a PIR, does this mean another inspection?

I am a registered manager and my care home was inspected last year, April 2016, and rated good. I wasn’t then asked to complete a PIR. However, it’s now March 2017 and I received the PIR to complete, does this mean another inspection?

 Dear P, Thank you for your question. I believe that Providers will be expected to update their Provider Information Return (PIR) each year. This is important information that CQC holds about your service and...

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Can we have 2 registered managers?

Is it possible to have 2 registered managers for a small LD/Mental Health residential care home?
Thank You.

Dear S, This is a very good question. The answer to your question is on the CQC website and this is what it says: “12. If I am in a job share post,...

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How many hours a week does a registered manager need to work?

How many hours does a registered manager have to do each week in a health and social care community domiciliary organisation?

 Dear J, Thank you for your question. There is no definitive answer to your question As the Registered Manager the number of hours you work is a matter for you to decide. CQC is not prescriptive about...

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How long will CQC registration take?

Dear Sheila,
We have registration from Ofsted to be a residential family assessment centre. Should we wish to become a residential dementia care home, how long a process could we be looking at to get CQC registered?
Many Thanks

Dear K, Thank you for your question. The Care Quality Commission have useful and definitive information on their website about a new registration and the length of time that registration takes. ( The...

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