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21st February 2018

Can We Be Penalised for Not Having Carer Staff With a QCF Qualification?

Hello Sheila

In regards to the QCF qualification, as there appears to be no free funding anymore, and the employer has to pay a contribution, where do we stand with carers sometimes not being able to partake in the qualification? As my employer is not willing to pay the additional costs as he puts carers through all mandatory qualifications, can we be penalised for not having carer staff with a QCF?

There was talk about all carers working in care having to be enrolled on the course, does this still stand?

I also have a carer who would like to do her QCF Level 3 as she would like to become a senior within our organisation. However, because she had a degree prior to joining care, she isn't eligible for any funding at all. Is there anything we can put in place or do so that she can become a senior without the qualification, as it's a shame if she cannot progress with her career just because she has to pay £3000? Any information would be greatly received.

Dear E,


Thank you for your question.


I would like to answer it in two parts.


To begin with QCF. On 1st January 2018 the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) was withdrawn to make way for the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). So you should be looking in the future to enrol your staff on a Regulated Qualification. Anyone who has started a QCF will be able to complete it. You can read all about this on the Skills for Care website.


Most of the training that you are looking for is now provided as Apprenticeships. There is plenty of information on the Government's website about Apprenticeships.


Skills for Care's website says that:


As a non-levy payer, you'll agree a price with the learning provider and then pay for 10% of the cost to your learning provider. The Government will contribute the rest of the cost and pay the learning provider.


You can read about paying for Apprenticeships here.


I would also advise you to contact your local college to see what is happening in the area where you are based and you can also seek advice on training from Access Skills whom QCS works closely with:


With best wishes.



*All information is correct at the time of publishing.

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