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20th April 2016

Registering with the CQC

Hello Sheila,

I was hoping that you would help me, I am trying to register as a manager with CQC and have sent the form off twice and they keep sending it back 2 me.

Is there any advice that you could give me to help me with the forms please?

Dear Michael,

You do not say what reason you receive from CQC for the rejection of your application form.

There are two pages on the CQC website that you should look at: which has detailed information about registering as a Manager.

The second is a form which you can complete, send it to CQC and they will contact you to help with you with your application.

There is a great deal of helpful information on CQC’s website including this page:

Final Checks and Common Errors

1. Invalid supporting application

We've seen a number of errors where the supporting manager application is invalid because the details do not match those in the provider form.

In order for us to accept your application, all details within both applications must match. Managers sometimes incorrectly insert the location details in the provider details section.

2. No accompanying provider application received

We've seen many applications submitted without a provider application. We're unable to accept a manager application without the provider application. Both applications must be submitted at the same time.

3. No Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) certificate 

We often receive applications for new providers and managers without a valid CQC-countersigned DBS certificate. This check must be carried out as part of your registration. Any applications submitted without this check will automatically be returned to you.

You can only submit your registration application once you've received your copy of the CQC-countersigned DBS certificate.

Find out more about How to apply for a DBS certificate.

4. Out-of-date DBS certificate

We've seen many applications where the provider and manager have an out-of-date DBS certificate. We won't accept any DBS certificates which are over six months old at the point we validate the application.

Please note: Nominated Individuals are not required to hold a CQC-countersigned DBS certificate.

Find out more about How to apply for a DBS certificate.

5. Regulated Activities

On some applications, you'll be asked for the regulated activities which will be provided at the various locations. We've seen some applications where the provider and registered manager applicants have ticked different regulated activities or they don’t match your current registration. We can only accept valid applications where the regulated activities applied for match your current registration.

For new registrations, the regulated activities applied for by the manager and provider must match, otherwise the applications will be returned to you.

6. Missing declarations

All application forms must have the Data Protection Act statement and application declaration signed and dated. The date entered needs to be when the application form is completed/submitted.

7. Location details incomplete

We receive a number of applications where the location details have not been completed. In order for us to accept your application, location details are required so we can identify if the location is already registered under the provider, and if not, whether any accompanying supporting application for the managers for the locations have been submitted.

8. Provider details incomplete

We have received a number of applications where the provider details have not been completed correctly. Without the full provider details we are unable to process your application and it will be returned to you.

I hope that this information is helpful.

You ought to be able to sort this matter out now.

One final thing you are applying to be the Registered Manager of a particular service aren’t you?

You can only be registered to be the Registered Manager of a Registered Service.

Best wishes.


*All information is correct at the time of publishing.

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