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Which acts and guidelines are currently most applicable or legally required to be complied with regarding quality management in H&SC?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


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Thank you for your question.


All the information that you require is on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website. There are some differences between the regulations and guidance for health and for social care.


If you go to the CQC website and follow this link there are then several sections so you could choose “Adult Social Care” and decide whether it is residential care or community care that you want to look at.


Further down the page there are sections about healthcare.


If you click on the area that you are looking for there is a huge amount of information about what is required.


There is one other area which you should look at which is the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE}. This series of questions and prompts gives a good overview of the regulator’s view of quality management and I would refer you specifically to the “Is it well-led?” section. There is a different set of KLOEs for each category of care. This is the link to the area for residential care: Residential Provider Handbook


The KLOEs for Adult Social Care have recently been reviewed and the revised set will come into effect in November 2017.


I hope this is helpful.


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