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Hi Sheila,

I worked for a company where most of the staff were related to each other. Is it right that a wife can give her husband his induction and can they work together?


Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Angela,


Thank you for your question.


There is no reason why several members of one family should not work in the same care home.


This often happens in smaller family businesses.


In other care facilities there is no reason why one member of a family shouldn’t give induction to another family member, but if I were the owner I would want there to be transparency around the delivery of training. For instance, if I were describing the training for the Care Certificate I would expect the assessment of competence to be made by someone who could be perceived to be independent.


I hope that this is helpful. I need to stress that every case will be different and it is obviously a management decision.


Best wishes.


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