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How many care staff should there be too each Alzheimer’s client and whom should do the risk assessment on client attending day care? – Donna

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Donna,

The assessment of the number of care staff needed to provide care to people with Alzheimer’s is never easy and I am unclear whether you asking about in a care home or in a day centre.

Assuming that you are talking about a Day Centre then, as you are aware, Day Care Centres are not regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

The responsibility will lie with the Manager of the facility. Like any service caring for people with Alzheimer’s, the Manager will assess what the core staffing level should be and this will be the number of care staff that is required to be on duty at all times. Then the additional hours that may have to be met because a particular person has higher needs will have to be addressed.

The Manager will have the responsibility for ensuring that the appropriate risk assessments are carried out.

If your question was also about staffing in a care home please let me know.

Best wishes.



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