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Hi Sheila, are family carers or friends of a family able to claim to be self employed carers? CQC states that family carers do not have to register even when they do personal care but what would be the situation if they declared that they are a self employed? Also if they provide care to more than one person does this help them to achieve this status?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear B,


Thank you for your question.


Whenever I receive a question (and I do receive several every week) about whether or not a person needs to register with CQC I always refer them to the really useful document on the CQC website entitled The Scope of Registration.


Generally CQC registers a service providing care.


The document, The Scope of Registration is quite clear in Section 2 which is about general exemptions from registration. On Page 14 , the document states that where a person, or a related third party on their behalf, makes their own arrangement for nursing care or personal care, and the nurse or carer works directly for them and under their control without an agency or employer involved in managing or directing the care provided, the nurse or carer does not need to register for that regulated activity.


I think that it is the arrangement between the carer and the person in receipt of the service that is relevant.


I hope this is helpful.


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