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I have heard that CQC are changing the KLOE. Is this correct and if so how are they changing?

Thank you

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear Susan,


Thank you for your question.


On 20 December CQC issued a consultation document entitled “Our next phase of regulation”.


Significant amounts of the consultation relate to NHS Trusts but there are some major changes proposed for both care homes and supported living facilities for people with Learning Disabilities. There are also changes proposed for the KLOEs. The annexes to the documents include:

Annex A2: CQC’s assessment frameworks for adult social care services – key lines of enquiry and characteristics of ratings

Annex B: Registering the right support – updated guidance on registering learning disability services


So yes there are some proposed changes to the KLOEs which are highlighted in Annex A2. There is no indication as far as I can see as to when the changes are likely be implemented.


You can find all of the documents at


The consultation closes on 14 February 2017.


The document also states that there will be a further consultation in the Spring concerning Adult Social Care provision.


I think all providers should look at the proposals and especially providers of services for people with learning disabilities.


Best wishes.



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