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Is it legal to give residents bed baths after midnight and before 5am in a care home?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


There is no specific law relating to giving a bed bath during the night, however …


I am as always surprised to receive this kind of question.


It is the most appalling practice, except in exceptional cases. Exceptional cases could be if there was a real need due to incontinence, health and safety, or service user preference.


Consider the KLOE’s. Is it Safe? Is it Effective? Is it Caring? Is it Responsive? Is it Well-Led?


Even if the person does not have mental capacity or the ability to understand what is happening, you should question:


  • If they did have capacity would they consent to being bathed in the middle of the night?
  • Would their family consent?
  • Is this abuse in its widest sense?
  • Where is the dignity?
  • Is this person-centred care or is it care provided for the convenience of the service?


Finally, I believe that if CQC knew about this they would undertake an immediate full inspection of the service.


Best wishes.


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