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My partner is a care support worker at a residential care home, who arrived at work recently to be fingerprinted and photographed to comply with a new Biometric “clocking in” system. This has been introduced without any knowledge or consultation with staff and no explanation regarding data protection aspects. I believe this is very poor practice on behalf of the care provider and I question whether it is legal and can be introduced without consultation. Can you advise?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott



I assume that this is part of a new security policy being introduced at the home. I have advised all providers that I have direct contact with to review their security arrangements as a matter of urgency.


I am sure that you are aware that more than one resident of a care home has been murdered in the care home where they lived relatively recently and there have also been cases involving serious injury to staff.


I think that you would agree that the security of residents and staff is of paramount importance.


There is of course a balance to be achieved and I am surprised that the staff of the home were not consulted or informed of the changes to security before the system was introduced. I am assuming that the system applies to all visitors to the home as well.


I am consulting our legal advisers about this and will respond again in the New Year.


Best wishes.



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