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Hi Sheila, can a social worker arrange care home placement with staff? Or should they do this with managers?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear F.


Thank you for your question.


There are several formalities to be gone through before someone is admitted to a care home.


The home will have a policy on admissions.


The Manager cannot be at the home at all times and must take holidays and other forms of leave so there will be arrangements and a process in place on who can authorise any admission.


In all normal circumstances (and this is good practice) an assessment will be carried out by the Manager or the Manager’s appointee as to whether or not the home can meet the person’s needs.


There  are also contractual arrangements that need to be made before an admission to a care home including who will be paying for the person’s care.


I cannot tell you how many disputes I have seen when the policy and the procedure has not been followed for an admission to a care home and this usually relates to the contract and who will be paying.


Of course in an emergency the length of the admissions process can be shortened but none the less no one should be admitted to a care home without the involvement of a member of the senior management team and the contractual arrangements need to be agreed as quickly as possible after admission in an emergency situation.


You might also like to look at the advice that the Competition and Markets Authority issued on 16 November 2018 entitled “Care homes: consumer law advice for providers”.


This sets out up to date advice to help care home providers understand their obligations under consumer law when dealing with residents and their representatives.


You give me very little information about why you are asking this question, if you want to give me further information I will happily respond again.


With best wishes.




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