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I am a manager of a care home and my home is due to get the vaccinations next week, 2  of my staff have said they will refuse. What should I do

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Thank you for your question. Great news you will be receiving your vaccine, I am sure you will agree it seems like there is a small, distant glimmer of hope that we will start to see an improvement in what I imagine has been a challenging year for you.  The question about staff and vaccines is something that has been raised by a number of QCS customers. QCS has just released guidance on this written by our Partners, Royds Withy King which you can find here on our website. With the rising number of cases of COVID-19, it is really important that staff do have the vaccine. However, you cannot force them. There are no plans to mandate the vaccine by either the government or CQC. If staff are refusing, it is important to try and understand why with the following approach;

  • provide factual and reliable information about the vaccine;
  • bust any myths or conspiracy theories;
  • identify any concerns staff have; and
  • discuss how their concerns might be overcome.

Do have a read of the guidance, I hope it helps.

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Philippa Shirtcliffe is Head of quality at QCS. She is a registered nurse with over 30 years working in Health and Social Care. She has had varied career undertaking operational and strategic leadership roles within social care.
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