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Can I provide supported living services as a dom care provider?

Barry Price
Answered by Barry Price

This is a bit of a Yes but No but question. Although supported living and domiciliary care both fall under the “Personal Care” regulated activity there are additional steps that CQC would require. That is unless you ticked the supported living box on your initial registration application.


Supported living also falls under The Housing with Care banner and the CQC have published guidance on this previously. that also links in to additional guidance with regards to the scope of registration. and it would be worth reading this carefully to decide if you actually do need to register.


It is key that before you start signing any lease agreements, tenancy agreements or even purchasing property to operate as a supported living provider it is really important that you understand the differences between this business and domiciliary care.


You will need to comply with the legalities around HMOs and the additional regulations that will bring to your door and the CQC guidance around registering the right support.


Do you understand about tenancy agreements, supporting with benefits, having the distinction between housing provider and care provider?


Currently, models of care is something that features high on the commissioning agenda especially if your planned new service provision will be focusing on services for autistic people and people with a learning disability.


Have you spoken to your commissioning and transitions teams to establish if there is a need for the type of supported living service you are planning? As this would affect the viability of any new business. Its also something that if registering this new venture with CQC they would expect to see in a business plan.


That said it is not all doom and gloom. Establishing a viable supported living service can offer many rewards and is a direction of travel that many individuals choose.


I hope I have given you a few pointers and will leave you with this last piece of advice – “do your homework and get advice from those already in the business”. There are numerous managers and providers forums that will support you on this journey whose ongoing advice and support you will find priceless.

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