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I have done the Care certificate with my previous employer and I am now leaving. Can I request a copy of the Care Certificate before I leave their employment to go somewhere else? I have got my Diploma in Health and Social Care so should I have done the Care Certificate?

Laura Wood
Answered by Laura Wood

The Care Certificate is not a licence to practise. Evidence of having met its standards might also be able to be used towards some regulated qualifications and apprenticeships in health or social care. It is your employer’s responsibility to award the Care Certificate to you. While your employer should record your achievement, they should also provide you with a certificate as your own record. It’s recommended that you keep the certificate as evidence of completion, as well as any additional documentation you believe would be beneficial to other employers. This will help avoid the need to repeat learning if you move to other health and social care roles, though periodic refreshers on some content may always be required.

The Care Certificate is designed for staff new into health and social care with no or limited experience. However, some employers like all staff to do this as part of their induction into the organisation and to refresh skills.

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