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Hi Sheila
Can please tell me if it we should update care plans every month in domiciliary care service users, in most cases not much changes. Also is it good practice to carry out monthly reviews with service users and advocates. Thanks – Jemma

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Jemma,

Yes, you should review the care plans at least once a month.

This is the best practice, even though there may be no change the review of the care should demonstrate that you and the people that provide the care have had the opportunity to consider whether or not there have been any changes that need to be taken into account. The review should always be signed to confirm that it has been undertaken.

With regard to the carrying out of reviews with service users and their advocates, I believe that this is something that you should discuss with both the service user and their advocate at the first review.

I think that every six months is a good option with the proviso that there should there be a significant change in the service user’s condition or needs a review will be held. Local Authorities usually review annually.

Any review should be arranged well in advance so that all participants have time to prepare.

Best wishes.


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