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Hi Sheila,

I feel I am being bullied by one inspector and it is causing me continuous problem, he is very aggressive in his intent whenever he confronts me. How to address this problem? I am the only one concerned about only one inspector.

Please advise.

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


My first question is how often are you being inspected and if you are being inspected very frequently why is that?

My second question is what sort of service are you providing?

My third question is are you the registered manager?

There is no excuse for bullying especially by someone who is in such a powerful position as an inspector but if you are the owner or Registered Manager of the service then I want you to proceed carefully.

If you are a member of a Trade Association then you might want to talk to them too.

I know that there will be many people reading this who will want to know what I advise I give and therefore I would like to know the answer to the three questions above so that I can give you the very best of advice.

I also know that there are people reading this who are in a similar position to you but who do nothing about it in case there is retaliation if they make a complaint.

Let me have further information and I will respond immediately.

I want you to know that there are many people who want to help you.

Best wishes.


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