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Is adding oral medicines to yoghurt in place of a fluid thickener for clients with swallowing difficulties classed as covert administration of medicines?


Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Allie,

Is this covert administration of medicine?

Does the service user know that the medicine is being mixed with yoghurt to aid swallowing? If the service user knows then it cannot be covert administration of medicine.

If the service user doesn’t know for whatever reason then it is covert and you will have a policy to deal with that I presume.

If you don’t have a policy then come back to me.

If it is covert then the question arises about mental capacity. Don’t be afraid to come back to me because I am assuming that you want to know about whether or not your actions are covert.

Covert or not you need to have the actions you are taking well documented in the care plan.

Best wishes.


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