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An adult lady with a learning disability lives in supported living. She is under the guidance of a dietician so staff help her to manage her diet. Recently she wants to eat unhealthy foods, e.g. 3 packs of crisp for tea, and management say to let her have it. Due I follow the dietician or management?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Suzy,

Thank you for your question, which although looking straightforward is in reality complex.

This is a question that should be posed to a multi-disciplinary team which includes the GP, a hospital consultant if there is one involved, the local authority social worker, the ladies family, the dietician and your service.

I think you or your Manager need to begin by speaking to the ladies social worker because I believe the local authority should probably convene a meeting of the Multi-Disciplinary Team to discuss what the options are. This cannot be the decision of the service alone there must be other professionals involved in making any decisions and of course not taking advice from other professionals may have serious consequences.

If the lady has Mental Capacity then of course she can make her own decisions even if they appear to be unwise but she should have access to the best advice too.

You should put in writing to your manager your concerns and keep a copy.

Best wishes,


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