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I have a registered limited company for domiciliary care.

I have some one who wants to join in as a director does she need to register with CQC?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Paul,

As I think you realise the new Fit and Proper Person Regulations for Adult Social Care came into effect on I April 2015. You can find full guidance on CQC’s website at where this section of the website includes both the regulation and the guidance.

The responsibility lies with you to complete the form and submit it to CQC but you will see that there are a series of checks that you need to carry out before you submit the form. The process is similar to the requirements for employing care staff but are perhaps a little more intense. You should also refer to the part in the guidance which sets out the requirements to register existing Directors with CQC.

Best wishes.

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