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Do the Admin, maintenance and laundry person has to go through the full training as Care Staff?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Parkash,

Thank you for your question.

When they join your staff all new employees should receive a basic induction.

The induction should be tailored to their job but should include important areas such as Fire Safety and understanding their own role within the life of the care home.

After that their training should be entirely relevant to their role in the home.

The maintenance person should for instance have a clear understanding of Health and Safety and should have specialist training, the laundry person should also have Health and Safety training with a particular emphasis on COSHH and also basic training in the prevention of infection.

Administrative staff should have training to address any gaps in their knowledge and you should contact your local college to find out what courses are available.

Depending on the role in the home, you might consider for instance that it was appropriate for people working in say in a care home caring for people with dementia that they should have dementia awareness training especially if they are likely to have regular contact with residents.

I think it is important that you remember that as the Registered Manager it is your job to manage the home and to assess that the person whatever their job has the appropriate training.

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