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Do I need to complete one Data Security and Protection Toolkit for each service in my organisation?

We have a number of care homes and supported living services, do I need to complete a Data Security and Protection Toolkit submission for each service or can I do one for the business?

Dear M, thank you for your question. It is great that you are thinking about this now. The new social care DSPT has been updated and you will need to start gathering the information for our organisation now. Depending on whether you are a small , medium or large sized provider there is help to complete the DSPT if you need it. I spoke to the Digital Social Care Team to seek clarification on your question and the response that they gave is, if your data security and protection is managed centrally , you will be able to submit as group rather than each service having to submit the information. If you do require any further help, I have attached the link here to the information.

Philippa Shirtcliffe

QCS Clinical Policy Lead

Philippa Shirtcliffe is Head of quality at QCS. She is a registered nurse with over 30 years working in Health and Social Care. She has had varied career undertaking operational and strategic leadership roles within social care. Read more

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