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I am looking to set up as a daycare provider for adults with learning disabilities helping them access their communities for example work, learning and leisure. My question is do I need to register with CQC?

I do not anticipate having to provide any personal care or medication but I also don’t want to limit my business.

I called the CQC helpline and was told to look at the scope of registration document but being dyslexic means that this 60 page document is a little bit of a nightmare. Please help.

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear James,

Day Care is not a service that is subject to registration.

You are right that if you provide personal care that is subject to registration but in your circumstances it is likely that the personal care would be provided by a home care agency who would be registered.

It is only if you were employing people to provide the personal care that you would need to register with CQC.

Best wishes,

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