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Do I need to register with the CQC if providing transport for children and young adults? I am currently starting a business that undertakes a therapeutic approach to transporting children and young adults who are in residential care and who can’t be transported without secure measures.

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Answered by Abi Spence

Thank you for your question, I am afraid there is not enough detail to answer your query fully.


Things I would need to know are –

  • The ages of individuals and whether they have additional needs such as a learning disability
  • Whether ‘residential’ is a children’s home?
  • Whether the transport is acting as an ambulance? (Regulated activity transport services, triage and medical advice provided remotely)
  • What you mean by therapeutic?


What I can do is direct you to the text within CQC’s scope of registration –  Please turn to page 7 where you can find the hyperlinks you need.


‘Services registered with Ofsted. Ofsted is responsible for regulating establishments and agencies that provide children’s social care services. Services regulated by Ofsted are described on the Ofsted pages of the website. CQC cannot regulate the accommodation element of any establishment or agency registered with Ofsted in England. However, if health care is also being offered, the provider will need to register with CQC separately for the health care element.


The Government guidance on Children’s homes and health care: registration with Ofsted or CQC explains which regulated activities offered by children’s homes are likely to need to register with CQC. Services that provide the regulated activity of personal care to children outside of an establishment or agency that is registered by Ofsted need to register with CQC.


For example, a domiciliary or homecare agency may provide personal care to a child in their own home. The same regulated activities cannot be dual registered with both the Care Quality Commission and Ofsted. Where a provider must register with Ofsted, the parts of its service that Ofsted regulates will be exempt from registration with CQC. This means the provider does not need to register the same regulated activity with CQC. A provider can still be registered with both regulators, but it cannot be accountable for the same activity (called double accountability).


For example, a provider may be registered with Ofsted for activity A and be registered with CQC for activity B. Sometimes, activities A and B may be closely related, or take place in the same location. We cooperate with Ofsted under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding. We work together to share expertise and coordinate activity. This allows each regulator to monitor the different areas while avoiding duplication and overlap. See how we inspect children’s services.’


You will also find the section on transport services, triage and medical advice provided remotely as a regulated activity helpful.

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