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We have a Day Service on the site of our supported living home, but we do not provide our regulated activity of Personal Care. Of course we have our CQC inspections along with local teams who come in to inspect certain aspects of the residential group such as funding etc., but do CQC inspect any form of the day service provision? If they do not, is this something that should be inspected regularly with another body or is it generally covered under the unannounced inspections?
We have had a Day Service for years now with no issue arising, but when a different organisation mentioned this a few weeks back, I wanted to be sure that we were fully compliant with all aspects, including Day Service.

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear Danielle,


Thank you for your question.


Day Care is not subject to any form of regulation except that which is expected of any employer, such as Health and Safety, which offers some form of protection to people using the service, staff and the general public. (See the Health and Safety Executive website)


In the same way you should also be aware of Food Hygiene regulations and training if you prepare food.


Day Care has never been a regulated activity. The Government has from time to time said that they will consult about whether or not it should be regulated but they have not said that in recent times.


You can view the extent of  CQC’s regulatory powers in their document The Scope of Regulation


I always advise providers that if they are providing a non-regulated activity in the same premises as a regulated activity that CQC should be informed and that information should be included in the Statement of Purpose.


Happy New Year.



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