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What is the earliest time you can give residents in a nursing home breakfast?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Janet,

Thank you for your question.

When I was a Registered Manager of a care home more than 30 years ago we would ask people when they came into the home what time they liked to have breakfast and we would serve it to them in their room. The time was a guide though and could be varied or changed.

It is very important that personal choice is respected, and that decisions are not made for the ease of the staff or out of habit. It is expected that rising and breakfast times would always be an individual’s choice.

This again is about person centred care and choice.

When do people want to have their breakfast?

What do they want to have?

Where do they want to have it?

I would be very interested to hear what other people think the earliest time people can be served breakfast in a care home is.

All good wishes,


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