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I am starting a care agency and want to be sure I am compliant and have everything in order.

What is your advice? I am a qualified nurse and also have another qualified nurse on board.

We would be using your QCS system as we have had a good look at it.

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


You will have made a good first step by purchasing QCS’s system.

I believe that getting started with implementing the system may seem daunting but QCS has a number of ways of helping you.

Sarah Riley, QCS’S Senior Customer Care Executive runs webinars on Tuesdays and Thursdays designed to make beginning to use the system easy.

Sarah sends this message:

Please find below a link to the details for our weekly Webinar session, where the Customer Care Team gives an introduction to our online system and guidance on navigation of the QCS Care Management System:

Power Users: (Thursdays 10:30 – 11:30)


Core Users: (Tuesdays 10:30- 11:00)


When you have bought the system I am sure you will find the webinars very helpful.

Then you are also able to contact the customer care team for further advice.

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes,


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