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I would like to find more information on the Extra Care Housing Program in England and Wales. Can you help me with this? Also do you believe this program would work in the United States? Separate homes sound more attractive than living in an Assisted Living Facility.

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Lisa,

The Elderly Accommodation Council’s (www.housingcare.org) definition of Extra Care Housing is:

“Extra Care Housing is housing designed with the needs of frailer older people in mind and with varying levels of care and support available on site. People who live in Extra Care Housing have their own self-contained homes, their own front doors and a legal right to occupy the property. Extra Care Housing is also known as very sheltered housing, assisted living, or simply as ‘housing with care’. It comes in many built forms, including blocks of flats, bungalow estates and retirement villages. It is a popular choice among older people because it can sometimes provide an alternative to a care home.

In addition to the communal facilities often found in sheltered housing (residents’ lounge, guest suite, laundry), Extra Care often includes a restaurant or dining room, health & fitness facilities, hobby rooms and even computer rooms. Domestic support and personal care are available, usually provided by on-site staff. Properties can be rented, owned or part owned/part rented. There is a limited (though increasing) amount of Extra Care Housing in most areas and most providers set eligibility criteria which prospective residents have to meet.”

The Care Quality Commission does not regulate Extra Care Housing but it does regulate any provider of care delivered to the residents in the housing.

It is expected that the housing provider will not be the care provider.

Residents of Extra Care Housing are expected to have a tenancy agreement if they don’t own their accommodation.

Extra Care Housing is an important part of the whole spectrum of care.

I have looked at care facilities in the USA in New York State. The facilities I saw there appeared to me to cover the whole spectrum of care but I am not an expert on care in the United States.

Best wishes.


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