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I had my manager fit for purpose interview yesterday and was wondering what will happen if the assessor doesn’t recommend me? I have to admit I just went to pieces throughout,at one point I don’t think I could have told her my name. I’m so worried the assessor will think I’m completely inadequate

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear Jacky,

I do hope that when you receive the response to your application to be a Registered Manager the outcome will be a positive one.

CQC has a number of options:

  • The first is to register you with standard conditions;
  • The second is to register you with particular conditions which could be time related and which you must comply with;
  • The third would be a refusal and if that were to happen then you would have a right to appeal and I think your nervousness on the day would be taken into account in an appeal.

You just need to wait and see what the response is from CQC and react accordingly.

Best wishes.


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