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I have the chance to take over an existing care business where the staff are all self-employed. Would I have to have any qualifications and would I have to register with QCS? Thank you

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear C,


Thank you for your question.


Registration with CQC is specified by law.


You can discover whether or not the business you are referring to requires registration by reading this CQC document “The Scope of Registration”




Assuming that you do need to register, the registration of a Registered Manager would be an important part of the Registration process.


A Registered Manager would need to have the skills, experience and knowledge to be able to manage the service.


That could be you depending on your experience and CQC could make it a condition of registration that you achieve a particular qualification.


If you were to let me have further information about the service I could give you more specific advice as I would like to have clarification about the staff all being self-employed too.


Best wishes.




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