Do I need to register with CQC if I am helping some elderly people in our community with simple domestic tasks when I'm compensated for our time? | QCS

Myself and 2 neighbours help out some elderly people in our community with shopping, collection of prescriptions and domestic tasks, they are independent with good mobility and we support them to do as much as possible themselves. We are compensated for our time and any expenses we incur. We do not want to go corporate we like to be flexible and responsive. Do we need to register with CQC? We are DBS cleared and have public liability insurance as are we registered for self assessment for tax. Please advise us.

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Answered by Leah Cooke

Many thanks for your enquiry. Sheila addressed this subject in a previous question back in 2018, and the answer/CQC requirements remains the same. Please refer to her response here.

About Leah Cooke

Leah has been a qualified registered general nurse for 17 years with a broad background in the NHS, older people, renal, prison, community and private sector.
Since 2006 she has been working with care homes, starting as a deputy manager of a large home and moving into roles of care specialist, quality manager and learning & development for nurses.
She holds a degree in applied health studies and is a student mentor.
She assists the CQC as a specialist advisor with her focus areas tending to be on tissue viability, nutrition, condition, and medication management.

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