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I’m a senior carer in a residential home we have 12 residents this morning me and colleague got 6 residents up that wished to others said it was too early so they remained in bed until late day staff came on at 7.30am day senior had a go at me because I only got 6 up I explained to her that when asked they said it was to early and wasn’t ready to get up is it fair that I should be told off because of residents choice to remain in bed a little longer it’s made me feel like I don’t want to go back

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Thank you for your question.

Your question is about personalised care and I believe that you are right.

I think it is very poor practice to expect every resident in a care home to be up by 7.30am.

There is some really good advice on the Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE) website

http://www.scie.org.uk/personalisation/practice/residential-care-homes about personalisation.

One of the key points that  they make at the beginning of their briefing paper is:

  • Ensure that staff ‘live and breathe’ a culture that actively promotes personalised services with maximum choice and control for people living in the care home

For me, this says it all. A care home is the home of the people who live there and wherever possible the service users should have control of their own lives and it is the making of small decisions that is so often the most important.

Do have a good look at what SCIE says about personalisation, I am sure you will find it very helpful.

You also need to look at the policies and procedures of the home to see what they say about person centred care.

Additionally, you should discuss this with your Registered Manager. Is it the policy of the home to do this or is it just one senior carer?

Without a change, this could also be construed to be abuse so it is a matter that the Registered manager should take very seriously. You had the courage to write to me so please raise it with your Manager too.

All good wishes.


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