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My husband is in care and other residents coming into his room really agitate him. His condition is Huntingdon’s and he is immobile so just gets very stressed when people he refers to as ‘horrible man or woman’ come into his room. I have requested a baby gate but this has been refused on the grounds of entrapment. Is there any way around this?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear D,


Thank you for your question.


I have consulted both Philippa Shirtcliffe, QCS’s Clinical Policy Lead and Leah Cooke, QCS’s Nursing and Residential Care Specialist and this is our best advice:


It must be extremely distressing for your husband but sadly not an uncommon scenario.


Leah’s response was that the Home has a responsibility to ensure they protect your husband’s right to privacy.


A stair gate is not an option as it is not designed for adults and presents a health and safety risk as people may try to climb over it.


The home should ensure that they have intervention plans in place for the people who are going into your husband’s room uninvited. This should include diversion into meaningful activities.


Staff should also identify trends and themes as part of these intervention plans.


Another solution that a number of homes use is a laser alarm system. This does require consent but is a non-invasive approach that will alert staff.


Finally, the home could consider relocating your husband elsewhere in the home but this really should be a last resort.


I hope this is helpful.


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