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Hi Sheila, can I apply to be a Registered Manager for a care company? I am studying at the moment, HND Level 5 in university and I will be finishing January 2019. Thank you

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear I,


Thank you for your question.


The body responsible for registering Registered Managers is the Care Quality Commission (CQC):

You can only apply to be a Registe​red Manager for a specific position.


You do not say in your question what the subject matter of  the HND you are studying is. I am therefore going to assume that it is in Health and Social Care. You will have the qualification but do you have any experience of working in the sector?


You will normally be expected to have experience too.


I would advise you that if you do not have any experience you should gain some and with your qualification you should be able to move to a senior position quite quickly.


You will have to decide at  what stage you wish to proceed to apply to become a Registered Manager, when you do  you will apply for a Registered Manager‘s job and then go through the process of applying for registration to CQC.


CQC can apply conditions of registration to a registration if they deem that to be appropriate and this is most likely to relate to additional training.


You can apply for Registration but the application as I have said already will be job specific.


You can find information about the application form at:


Being a Registered Manager is a complex position covering so many different areas as well as care home legislation such as Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Human Resources etc.


The CQC website although not always easy to navigate is full of useful information to assist anyone considering applying to become a Registered Manager.


With best wishes.



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