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Hi Senga, how do I register my service with the Care Inspectorate? What do I need to do?

Senga Currie
Answered by Senga Currie


Hi L,


Throughout your registration you must continuously meet the requirements of The Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010






  • Any other legislation relevant to your service.


Before applying to register a service you must make sure you have read and understood the associated guidance and legislation relating to the overall process.


Read the Health and Social Care Standards and the guidance on applying to register a care service. The Care Inspectorate have a national registration team will help you through the application process and will check the information you give us in your application form, whether the provider and/or manager is fit to provide/manage the service, check the proposed premises is fit to be used for that purpose, that the service will make all the proper provisions for the health, welfare, independence, choice, privacy and dignity of everyone using the service.


They may also check the financial viability of the service. Any information they ask for during the registration process is in accordance with Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010.


The initial stage of the process is to collate and assess the fitness of the applicant. It is in your best interests to ensure that you provide all the relevant information required as outlined within the application form in order to prevent any delays.


Once this step is complete, your application will be allocated to an inspector to progress therefore it is in your best interests to ensure all information is provided within the timescales outlined.


All application fees are non-returnable.


There is useful advice available on the Care Inspectorates website:


Best of luck with your registration.





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