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Hi Sheila,

Me and a friend, who are both registered nurses, are looking into changing career paths and opening a small intermediate care facility. We were thinking about a 4 bedded bungalow that we could care for patients who were medically fit but awaiting care packages etc. I understand that we would have to be heavily involved with the CQC  but could you please give me some pointers on how to get started.


Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear Louise,


Thank you for your question.


I am presuming that you have already undertaken research to ascertain that such a facility is required in the area where you are intending to provide services.  This is essential as  I have over the years seen too many services open when the area has already too much provision or the service being provided will not be funded by either the local social services department or the NHS.  You also of course will need to look at how much care might be privately funded in the area.


You need to consider your building very carefully.

It will need to comply with modern expectations which will include the size of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, catering facilities etc. You must also make sure that you have complied with Fire Safety regulations.


As you mention in your email you are aware that you will have to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) before you will be able to operate as an intermediate care facility.  As you need to be registered before you can operate you need to follow the requirement for registration as set out on the CQC website:


There is a huge amount of information on the website and I believe that you should start here.


As your service would be subject to registration for the first time this is where you will find detailed information.


These pages cover:

  • The application process
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Supporting documents
  • Apply online
  • Next steps

I would advise you to look closely at the application form itself to make sure that you are putting in place all the background information required.


Please come back to me if you have any other questions.


With best wishes.




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