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Hi Sheila, my mother was discharged from hospital with a ‘free’ care package of two visits a day from a care company. This then ended and she agreed to pay for visits to continue – we have no written agreement with the company and I am now shocked at the bill. There is a list of charges ‘hidden’ in the centre of blank pages in the log which she says she did not know was there.

My mother is competent to a degree but is very vulnerable, she is 94 and recovering from hip surgery and lives alone. Surely there should be some paperwork to support a payment of what she then asked for which this would be about £1500 a month? My mother can’t afford this.

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear Ann,


Thank you for your question.


Your mother should have expected to receive a signed copy of the terms and conditions of the package of care being provided, this should have been clear and the home care provider taking the time to ensure she understood these before the care package commenced.


I would advise you to contact your local Authority and advise them of the situation your Mother now finds herself in and you should request a further breakdown of what those charges were. Ask your local authority to carry out an assessment of your Mother’s needs and to advise you on the way forward.


I hope this is helpful.


With best wishes.



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