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Dear Senga,

I currently work in a care home, but I am considering moving to Care at Home as the idea of looking after people in their own homes really appeals to me. Is it  different from a care home? Any advice would be grateful

Senga Currie
Answered by Senga Currie


Hello Margaret,


Good Luck in your forthcoming interview.


In relation to care delivery, in both services the principles are the same:


  • dignity and respect
  • compassion
  • be included
  • responsive care
  • support and well being.


The Health and Social Care standards are applicable to all services therefore it is very similar.


The Care Inspectorate have recently released an excellent document for Care at Home staff which is called, “You are our eyes and ears” this will be very useful for you to keep and refer to during your visits. You will find a copy here.


Alternatively, you can contact the Care Inspectorate and they will send you a hard copy.


There are differences specific to Care at Home such as “no reply from service users home” however these areas would be covered during the induction process.


I hope this reassures you.




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