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Dear Senga,

I recently had an inspection and was advised to improve pureed diets but my chef although good has no experience of pureed diets prior to coming to the care home to work as he previously worked in a hotel.

Senga Currie
Answered by Senga Currie


Hello David,


I can signpost you to a few resources David.


Firstly, I would ensure your chef is familiar with the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative which can be accessed here. These will describe what different types of diet may be prescribed by the dietitian or speech and language therapist.


I would also access training for your chef, this can usually be accessed from the company the home use for dietary items such as thickeners.


There are lots of information out there to demonstrate how to make the dish look attractive. It is important to make the dish look as appealing as possible and look appetising. There are moulds you can purchase which the modified is set, and this can make it look like the original food item.


Here is an example David


I hope this helps you and your chef.


Bon Appetite




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