I work in care at home and noticed there was a camera recording my visit in a new client’s home, is this allowed? | QCS

Hello Senga,

I work in care at home and last week I noticed there was a camera recording my visit in a new client’s home. It made me feel very uncomfortable, can people record me?

Senga Currie
Answered by Senga Currie



You should immediately escalate to your line manager, who should either contact the local authority funding the support or alternatively if the person is self-funding speak to the family or the person who pays the invoice and discuss with them. If the camera is in an area where personal care is being delivered, there should be provision for the persons dignity to be preserved.


Perhaps they are concerned and feel vulnerable, maybe they or someone they know have had a previous experience which was not good. I would advise to build a trusting relationship which instils confidence.


The Care Inspectorate have a document which can be found here. Although this is primarily for providers using CCTV, there is still useful information contained within the document.


I do hope this gives you food for thought.






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