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As an independent carer, how do I become CQC registered?

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Answered by Abi Spence

To enable you to be registered with CQC you need to be a provider of care.  This means as an individual, company or other legal entity, you are delivering care and are managing that care. If your clients are managing the care, then you would be acting as a Personal Assistant and exempt from registering. For more information, there are two documents which will be helpful to you.  The scope of registration and this document

If you do decide to become a provider as an individual, I am presuming you will undertake personal care as the regulated activity. You should follow the guidance set out by CQC that you can find on this page (paying attention particular to number 4). There are lots of things you must have in place, which you will find through the link provided including policies, procedures and insurance to name just a few. Do remember that if you change to managing the regulated activity, it is important that you do not do this until you are registered as otherwise you will be providing a service unlawfully.

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