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Hi Sheila, is it necessary for all employees to take the care certificate?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear S,


All new staff should receive an induction to the specific service where they are newly employed.


This would apply to a new Registered Manager as much as to someone new to care and would apply to matters that are specific to the service including Fire Safety.


Additionally the Care Certificate was designed for care workers new to the provision of care.


  • Any care worker when new to care should receive training and be able to demonstrate their competence in the 15 standards of the Care Certificate during round about the first six months of  employment.


  • New starters with previous experience should always have an appropriate induction even if they have completed the Care Certificate elsewhere and it is the responsibility of the Registered Manager to be certain to ensure that they have retained the previous knowledge and practical experience gained from the Care Certificate by discussion and record.


I hope this is helpful. You can read more about the Care Certificate on the Skills for care website at:


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