Is it Necessary to Notify the CQC of the Death of a Service User who Passes Away in Hospital? | QCS

If a service user passes away in hospital and not in the Care Home does the care home still have to notify the CQC as a ‘notification of death of a service user’?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott

Dear E,

Thank you for your question which is not as straightforward as I would have expected.

My initial thought was that the answer should be yes, you should submit a notification.

The CQC guidance does not seem to be very clear so this confirms my first thoughts.

I talked to colleagues about this and we were agreed.

The notification form asks for the place of death but I think that your care home is the person’s place of residence and therefore to be confident that the notification has been made you should send a completed notification form.

In case of future questions about any care too I think it is important that you notify CQC.

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