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Hi I transferred a care plan to hospital along with MAR charts –  am I wrong in doing so?

Sheila Scott
Answered by Sheila Scott


Dear N,


Thank you for your question.


This is my advice.


A care home should retain both the care plan and the MAR charts in the home always.


These are important documents that you may need to refer to later so it is important that they are retained by the care home.


It is essential that you do keep a record for each resident ready prepared and up to date which includes all the relevant information about a service user including how they like to live their life on a daily basis, their medication, their next of kin, mental capacity and any other relevant information which can be used if and when a service user is transferred. This would most likely be stored on a computer so that if a service user had to be transferred to hospital in an emergency, you would only need to add information about the reason for the referral. You could also include copies of the MAR Chart and Care Plan.


When you review the care plan you should also review this document to make sure that it has the most up to date information.


If you have the QCS system you will have a form that you can use already available. 


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